Finding the perfect name for your startup project can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Frustrated by this very same problem myself, I decided to build a webapp that compiles a list of all the available one-word domain names with TLDs like .ai, .co, .com & .io
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Hey fellow Makers, I was dabbling around with Flask the other day and decided to build something that I would’ve loved to use when I was trying to find a good name for my startup - a database of all the available one-word domain names out there. It’s a pretty straightforward idea but somehow I’ve never been able to find a resource like this online so I decided to make one myself. I decided to keep the MVP simple and limit it to the following features: - Filter by word type: Adjectives, verbs, nouns, and all words. Planning to add a "Names" category soon, let me know if that's what y'all want in the comments! - Filter by alphabet: Rather self-explanatory feature, just thought this would come in handy especially with TLDs that have over 3,000 available domains! - Track most popular domains: You can spy on see which domains are clicked on the most often by other people. - Track most recently viewed domains: Same thing as the previous feature, except for the fact that you can see how long ago was the domain viewed. Sneaky! - Staff Picks: I'm constantly on the lookout for new one-word domains that are startup-worthy and will post them on the homepage once I find them. Hope you guys find this tool useful! Also, I would love any feedback that you might have on this project - this is my first time building a web-app from scratch, so any tips on how to improve would be greatly appreciated.
@steventey Congrats on the launch Steven! This is a great project and really useful!! :D
@ryzalyusoff Thank you so much, Ryzal! So glad you found this useful and really appreciate the support from a fellow indie maker like yourself! ☺️
Gotta love how I'm able to find quality domains like and in the same line! 😂 Jokes aside, great product, thanks for building this!
@james_moreno Hahaha well not gonna lie, some of those domains are kinda hilarious! Thank you so much for checking it out and hope you found it helpful! 😃
Such a great idea thank you for making this Steven.
@amine1bioudi Thank you for the kind words, Amine! Hope you find this useful! 😄
Finally searching for domains became so easy and fun! Thanks Steven!
@anzhelika_korolova Thank you so much, Anzhelika! Glad I was able to help! :D
I wish this had been done much earlier! Would have saved me so many hours in retrospect, but happy to use it in the future too. One question, is there a roadmap for bigger support on more words?
@rodrig_naska I know that feeling of frustration when you're trying to come up with the perfect name for your project! I hope this will come in handy for you in your future endeavors, Rodrig! As for your question - yes, I am planning to add a "Names" category soon, and I'm always on the lookout for more robust/exhaustive word databases to find new domain name combinations!