One Trick Ponies Get Shot

How consulting businesses can avoid the vendor trap

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John Doherty
John Doherty@dohertyjf · Founder, Credo (
@portentint is one of the smartest and most eloquent marketing leaders out there today. He has a ton of experience with building businesses (including his own) and I love that he shares it in unique ways with all of us.
Ian Lurie
Ian LurieMaker@portentint · CEO, Portent
@dohertyjf Thanks John! Gotta say I enjoyed writing this one
Gianluca Fiorelli
Gianluca Fiorelli@gfiorelli1 · SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant
I consider Ian @portentint Lurie one my mentors... and he doesn't even know that. I follow him since when I got serious in working as a web marketer, and always found his posts and books eye-opening.
Ian Lurie
Ian LurieMaker@portentint · CEO, Portent
@gfiorelli1 Dude, if I'm your mentor, you're in big trouble :)
Aleyda Solis
Aleyda Solis@aleyda · SEO. Entrepreneur-Speaker-Author. Nomad.
I read the first edition and it was fantastic! It's a must read for any consultant... it's amazing that is free. Congrats again @portentint can't wait to read it again.
Ian Lurie
Ian LurieMaker@portentint · CEO, Portent
@aleyda Thanks!
Eugen Oprea
Eugen Oprea@eugenoprea · Creator and Co-founder
Oh, I can't believe it's free! Got it with one click. Thank you, Ian!
First edition was good, and I can´t believe the 2nd Edition is for free, really great gesture @portentint. An absolut must for every marketer!
Ian Lurie
Ian LurieMaker@portentint · CEO, Portent
@klettseb It's only free for a couple of days :)
@portentint everyone should be fast enough then as this is a really great resource !