One Month Python

Learn to build Django apps in just one month.

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Hey Product Hunters! We're excited to bring you the newest One Month online course, a step-by-step guide to learning Django and Python by building a Yelp-like app. This course is being taught by Python and Startup Expert @eric_neuman, Co-founder of DecisionDesk. We've recently switched to subscriptions for our courses and want to give Product Hunters 25% OFF your first month! Sign up now and let me know if you have any questions.
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Interesting format for classes. What new subjects do you think you'll be adding?
@sacbookreviewer Some planned upcoming topics include Javascript, UX, Sales, MVP, and deeper dives into courses we already have (like One Month Rails 2). But we're always adapting and trying to figure out what would be most valuable for us to teach in an accelerated online course.
@mattangriffel interesting switch to a subscription format vs buying individual courses. What are your recommendations to somehow who is interested in only one or two courses as opposed to the entire library?
@_ryangilbert The steady student plan lets you take one course at a time :)
Been talking about something like this for a while. Sharing with some folks.