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@magicmuhan · Developer
This is a great idea, and I love the selection of content sources! One question -- it looks like there's a comment count for each item, but I don't see any way to join the conversation. Are there plans to add commenting functionality? (Assuming that I'm not just missing it in the UI)
@diserkin · made in ussr
No similar products yet? Srsly?
Adrian Phillips
@rustydingo · Experience Designer @airbnb.
I was expecting the tag line to be "One App to Rule them all"
Bryan Postelnek
@bryanpostelnek · Product Owner, Angie's List
Love the mac menu bar product. I can't find out how to download it from the links here or the link on their site. Here's the actual link for downloading for mac: http://one.hackplan.com/
Evan Varsamis
@evanvar · Founder & CEO The Gadget Flow
love the minimalistic UI