A widget that lets your visitors know you're featured on PH

ON|PH is a simple widget you add to your website to announce your visitors that you launched on Product Hunt. You can also use it to announce a discount code or a special offer to visitors coming from Product Hunt. If you have questions: hello@hypeok.com.

  • Madhavan
    MadhavanCEO @ socionity.com

    Simple and easy to setup


    Positioning on screen is hard, especially for responsive designs.

    Love the look of the widget and the beautiful animation! Deployed on my own website, thanks!

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Well that's pretty straightforward 😼 Nice one though!
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Just in time for my launch 👌.
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Great timing, great product. Will be using this when we launch 🙌🏾
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Great job!! 😊 Super cool !!
This seems very useful!