Online interactive yoga and meditation via two-way video

Ompractice is an online platform for live, interactive yoga and meditation classes you can take from anywhere. We use two-way video so students are seen and supported every time by a great teacher. Used by students in 50 states, companies, and health insurers.
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As early as 2009 I recognized how broken yoga is for teachers and students, being both myself. Since then, I have been working on what I believe to be the biggest fundamental problem in yoga and meditation: Students deserve to be seen, and teachers deserve to see their students. I have worked on this off and on for 10 years. In Jan 2018, I assembled an incredible team, aligned investors, and we created something that people adore, companies can easily offer, and health insurers now provide to their entire memberships. The question isn't will interactive online yoga and meditation work, now it's simply this: will it work for you?
@edisonjoao6871 Thank you! Take a class on me! Use code CHRIS for any class at checkout and it's free :)
@cwlucas awesome, thanks! I have to get back on my Yoga flow, and this is huge. Finding a good teacher is so hard and studio even harder.