Omnistat 2

The best iOS activity monitor

The missing iOS Activity Monitor.
View all your device technical stats, track your Wi-Fi and cellular data usage, predict how long your battery will last...
All of that in a clean and intuitive application and also available from any app thanks to the widgets.
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Hi hunters 👋 I made this tool to view all technical stats of your iOS device, I spent nearly a year working on it and I think it's quite a great product now ☺️ I hope you will like it as much as I do 💙 So I would like to share it with you and maybe have feedbacks to improve it enven more 👍
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! What all features you are going to add?
@ayushchandra I’m currently working on speedtests for cellular, WiFi and also disk read/write speeds.
Very cool - how do you engage dark mode?
@joelrunyon Dark mode is an iOS 13 feature, you can enable it in the Display and Brightness section of the Settings app 👍