Stand up desk in a box with 15 features

I love the idea, but I'm not attracted at all by the design
@francofacioni I know its not what a designer wants to hear but I agree, this looks more like a school project. I hope they re-evaluate that design, because there is certainly a demand for low cost add-ons like this.
@kendalm @francofacioni - It's not just a design, each honeycomb serves a purpose and allows our future accessories to connect ( iPhone magnetic holders, roller wheels and handle for easier transport, cup and files holders etc...). It will make more sense once you see it in person and can be hands on with the functionality of the honeycomb pattern.
@dustinrpratt @kendalm good, function is more important than form for me!
the link appears broken
@tribaling appears to be broken, but then redirects to
Nice design