Historical Photos of Amsterdam map 1855-1999

OldAMS.nl is a collection of historical photos of Amsterdam on a city map

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Alex BulatHunter@bulat_alex · Marketing and Web Design Consultant
How much are you familiar with the history of your city? As for me, it depends on how much you love your motherland. But sometimes it happens that when you visit some foreign country, its architecture, traditions, kitchen or whatsoever, amaze you so much that you decide to build an interactive photo-archive laid over Google Maps. This is how OldAMS.nl project saw the light. So when you visit OldAMS, the only thing you will see will be Google Maps, but the whole area of the Amsterdam city will be covered with red marks [with different numbers]. Each of these values stands for a number of photos available for some specific street, crossroad, building, park, or any other architectural structure. Hit the red marker, and on the right side of the page, you will see a simple photo gallery with shots of a particular place. The thing that I liked the most is the date range slider that allows choosing between 1855 and 1999, thus narrowing or widening the range of photos available for a specific area. The idea of such project is quite interesting and made want to build a similar website for my hometown. If you're interested to know how this project was built check out Valerii's article on Medium >> https://medium.com/@viatsko/olda... Kudos, Valerii, and Elena!