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Hi all! A few days ago Chrome automatically updated all Hangouts Extensions. @sandochee and me loved the floating window chats sticking at the bottom of the computer from the old version and we found a way to keep them. Now we decided to share it with the world, because for sure we are not the only ones :D it's in git-hub available to anybody, including a super fast and easy tutorial πŸ˜€
I agree with you guys, the previous version made more sense with the sticky windows. Keep up the awesome work!!
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks, yeah it's a lot more convenient that the new version !
@farbodsaraf have a look it will save you :)
Awesome extension for hangouts @patricia_mayo and @sandochee! I also loved the floating window chats :)))) so thanks to give us the possibility to get them back!
@irenemarquetg @patricia_mayo Thank you, I am glad you like it ! It's very useful !
I dislike the new version with a passion. The "old" version makes so much more sense. Thank you, keep up the great work :D