Sync & measure the ROI of your Lead Generation campaigns

OhMyLead is an all-in-one lead management software that synchronizes every lead sources in one place and let you measure the R.O.I of your Lead Generation Campaigns

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Hey PH’ers! My name is Axel Borry. I’m working with Ohmylead as Growth Hacker. We are very exciting to be able to get as many feedbacks and comments. What we’re trying to do is to simplify the lead processing by connecting every lead sources possible and optimize the qualification process thanks to automation. Here this is what you can do with Ohmylead 1- Connect Them All 👥 Connect your Facebook Leads ads 🔌 Connect your Gravity wordpress Form 🛬 🖥 Create a new high converting landing page 📝 Integrate a web Form anywhere ✅ Import your own leads with Excel spreadsheets 2- Qualify and automates your work 🎯 Easy to use qualification interface that will let you maximize your chances to convert a lead into a new client 🔎 Smart Contact that will give you deepest insights about your leads 📧 Use either email and your templates or either 📣 the voice call ip to qualify your leads 🎛 Create and set up automated notifications and confirmations to optimize your engagement 3- Measure the ROI 📊 Knowing in real time which sources generate the most qualified leads 🚀📈 Monitor your team performance rate thanks to smart filter and personalized funnels 🐞❓Questions, feature requests, bugs: Ohmylead community ( https://bit.ly/2RYEyLf ) Join us and write down OHMYPHLEAD to claim 1 free month. Special thanks for the hunt to @atudotio
How does it work?
@aazar_ali_shad Ohmylead was created because we didn't have any tool that can connect different sources of leads. Struggling with multiple spreadsheets, a lot of reports to export, and simply difficult to get the vision of which sources generate the most qualified leads. So we build a solution with an internal API (that will evolve as an open API) in order to be able to connect with a maximum of lead sources. After, with a partly automated process of qualification, we are able to tell which lead sources generate the most qualified leads. We also let continueyour own workflow by export those leads and results directly in your CRM or your Marketing Automation tool. It’s perfect before sending leads to Sales team, and also to know where and when to reorient your lead generation investment.
Great team, from a great software! Keep going guys!
@baptistedebever Thanks a lot for the support Baptiste
Good team behind the software, appreciate their quick response times and their help during the setup process! all is going smooth, best of luck!
Great software , Good luck guys !
@hussein_taqi Thank you very much for the good vibes