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Michael Heinrich
Michael HeinrichMaker@mheinrich · Founder & Captain Kirk, ohmygreen
Thanks @kat_manalac for posting. Hi product hunt community, we started out with making employees happy and healthy with healthy snacks, beverages, and more in offices and want to step into our bigger wellness vision. Thus, we are releasing a simple wellness beta product. I would love any comments on wether wellness services would be something you want in your office and if you have tried this type of service before. What activities did you have? What type of participation rates did you see? What has worked and what hasn't worked? Any other ideas are welcome of course. With gratitude.
Michael Heinrich
Michael HeinrichMaker@mheinrich · Founder & Captain Kirk, ohmygreen
Couple additional points around our learnings thus far: We tried a few services out on ourselves (yoga, massage, and nutrition education) and formatted them into a wellness day. We are a distributed team and it was an amazing way to bring everyone together, with 30% of the company participating. It created a sense of bonding and gave a sense of calm and discovery (not everyone has tried yoga before). I've also been a meditator for 8 years as well and it's brought amazing amounts of bliss, calm, and perspective to my life. I recently sponsored the company to participate in a leadership development workshop with a grounding tool called transcendental meditation. There is strong research around increases in health (decrease in stress, decrease ), mental performance (increases in EQ and IQ), and social cohesion. So far the results have been positive, have to chat about this more.
KennethHiring@kenneth_shaw · CEO, Tawkify
This is a great idea! I love how some startups in SF provide massages or have a nap room. This will go a long ways to helping employees be more productive. With Michael and OhMyGreen spearheading this product, I'm sure every business will be in amazing bliss, zen, and top of their game.
Michael John McClain
Michael John McClain@mjmcclain · Co-founder of Heilig VRFX
You guys are killing it. Justin, will sell the crap out of this. 😉