Ohm is a little fun app built for people who love music, meditation, or seeking relaxation from the busy life schedules. With a hybrid palette of handpicked soothing soundscapes that can be blended with your playlist, ie: songs or podcasts.
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Hello Hunters, I’m Musavir, Co-Founder of Ohm App. Sometimes, we all need to stay away from our busy life schedule to get refreshed and more focused. Ohm App helps you to blend your playlists with uniquely crafted soundscapes, which will make you feel like you’re listening to your favorite music or podcasts in the mood you love to be in. We have been working on the product since the last few months, and we strongly believe that it can change the way you listen to your songs or podcasts. We are constantly improvising the usability and sound design to make this product more unique. Initially, OhmApp is available for iOS devices only. How it works. 1) It will automatically import your Apple Music Library and it can be mixed with the soundscapes within the app instantly. You can choose the mix level. 2) If your Apple Music Library is empty, you can choose any song from the Ohm App library to mix it with any of the free soundscapes. 3) 3 out of 10 soundscapes are free - (Ad-free as well) and you can purchase the rest through in-app purchase. We are very much excited to get your feedback. We would be happier to answer any questions!
I've always had a difficult time meditating. But I love music and use it to destress and relax to achieve similar results as mediation. Will try this out.
@rrhoover Hello Ryan, Thank you for your comment. We're very excited to know your interest :) Can't wait to get your feedback. Much appreciated!