The perfect indoor gardening system - grows up to 90 fruits and veggies. Quick and easy, fully automatic and beautifully designed.

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This is seriously cool! One of my dreams is to have my own small garden and my other dream is to live in New York, this seems like it can help me combine the two!
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@aaronoleary Sounds like the perfect solution then! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Why rotate?
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@huangdun Hi Dun! The watering system is at the bottom of the wheel — it rotates so that each plant gets watered at a specific interval. It also rotates to replicate natural wind/outdoor environment.
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The form factor of this is probably the biggest improvement over others. With a circular design you can fit ~4 times the number of plants in the same footprint. The rotation keeps the rest of the functional elements simple by not requiring water piping across the entire wheel. This reminds me of a humidifier for the home. In particularly, the one we have at our house is the Boneco H680 and utilizes a very similar design, with a water reservoir at the bottom and a rotating water wheel: What's also interesting is the ability to grow these vegetables upside down, at least for a certain period of time. Seems like something that would be of value to zero-G (Space) use... Great stuff.
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@joshuapinter Yes, that is a great comparison Joshua! Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words :)
Looks cool! Why does it have to rotate?
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@joshdance Hi Joshua! See my comment above :) Also @joshuapinter gave a great visual comparison
As a kickstarter backer and almost one year after the campaign, I have NOT received my unit...I have requested a refund 6 times...I have called and emailed them several times with NO response. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! As a backer we were given 30 day money back guarantee, but they will not issue a refund for a unit NOT received. As a back we were given a one year warranty, but I was NEVER sent my unit and I tried to cancel the order since September 2019. This company is UNRESPONSIVE and does not follow through with promises to their customers.
@lisa_mcneil I just got mine. I hope you get your money back. This thing is a piece of junk! Came cracked, the door are made from compressed cardboard and they don't close. and are misaligned. Junk.