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Hi Product Hunters! maker here. Our goal with is to give travelers and travel planners more information to help them decide where and when to travel. Think of it like traffic data on your GPS. City-wide events are one of the main culprits for significant spikes in visitors to a destination. A city-wide event could be a major tech conference in San Francisco, when the pope is visiting Philadelphia, during a 3-day annual meeting of 12,000 Dentists in New Orleans, or the night before a Total Solar Eclipse, to name a few examples. It is not a simple task to know about these events, especially when you are over 1,000 miles away. Hotels operate with surge pricing similar to Uber and Lyft, during high demand days they raise the prices and on low demand days they lower them. Larger hotels and hotel chains have whole revenue departments dedicated to this process. Cities can also be viewed as less desirable to travel during high demand or peak days as they can be overcrowded, causing longer lines for attractions and making it difficult for you to get a reservation at that restaurant you really want to go to. is currently in open beta, a testing stage where we are hoping to learn about who our users are, how they use the website, and what other information they want to see. Adding more cities is certainly the top request we receive, and we are on it. We currently have 90 cities available, but let us know what missing cities you would like to see!
Very nice idea definitely trying in on my next trip. The fact you can see the temperature and hotels availability together with the price is perfect. Good job!
@rohillion Thanks Rodrigo. We find temperature hugely beneficial. We tried to display it in a way you can quickly understand. Another interesting thing is how different high and low temperatures are in some destinations on a single day (e.g. 80f high / 40f low), it's usually ones with desert type climates.
I like it the way it is
@frostaloha Glad to hear it Andrew! Thanks for the feedback.
This is a great project, I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. This goes a long way to bridge the information gap for people that love to travel. Keep it up! My vote goes to adding Portland, OR. I hope to travel there soon and my dates are flexible.
@mattvanhoeck Thank you so much for the feedback. Portland, Oregon should be up very soon as it's already in our next batch!
@mattvanhoeck Portland, Oregon is up! The large spike on the night of Aug 20th is due to the Solar Eclipse on August 21st!
I love your idea ! I am used to get my flights this way by buying them at the cheapest time ! I like that you are doing that for hostels too. I have the feeling that there is not enough transparency on the tourism business for customers to make the best decision. Moreover your application is great to find out an event happening in a city that you barely know ! I will definitely use this ! I wish you luck with the project ! Bravo
If you want any beta tester or deepest feedback on your projects let me know !
@louise_colu Thank you for the feedback! Yes about lack of transparency for the consumer it's true. When you open Uber or Lyft they mention the surge price multiple during peak times, but the travel industry does not do this. It's in hotels best interest to get travelers during non-peak days too, since any empty rooms or seats are a lost revenue opportunity!
@ericadleman You could add an option for the users to add events that they know are happening, for example in Barcelona I know that there is the DGTL this week end (11/08-13/08) but only the football game is written. I see two use cases of your product : the first transparency of price and the second to know what is happening in the cities you're going to visit anyway ! Anyway great project :)
@louise_colu that's a good idea! we definitely need to work on enhancing the events module. it's interesting to see how the number of expected attendees and the type of the event differently effect rates.