Offlife Diet is a free web application that helps users reach their goal weight.

It provides dialy feedback on their progress and suggests a dialy calorie intake for reaching goals.

Offlife Diet can be used for losing or gaining weight.

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Hey everyone, Georgi here. This has been long in the making and I was finally able to polish it up a little. I hope it will help you with your health goals. Hit me up with any feedback here or in the app! Georgi
@gmitrev I would kill for Google Drive integration. I use a Withings scale every morning to automatically upload my weight information (weight, fat mass, lean mass, BMI) to a spreadsheet document in Google Drive. I then use this same spreadsheet to record how many calories I consume each day. It would be incredible if Offlife Diet could automatically import that data from my spreadsheet so that I don't have to manually duplicate the data in Offlife Diet. Alternatively, maybe you could import the data directly from Withings?
@magnuson Hey Charles, I can totally pull data from Withings, just had a look at their API and it seems it has everything I need. Added to the roadmap - I'll let you know when it's ready to try :)
@magnuson Hey again, It is now possible to connect your Withings account and Offlife Diet will automatically import all new data from there - give it a try at Let me know how that works out for you :) Georgi
Pls make it into pwa, I probably spend time using this on my phone more than my laptop
@jake_tran Hey Jake! This is on my to-do list because I also prefer to use it on the phone :)

Just try it.





Hi Georgi. Interesting app! I'm a personal trainer and I'd like to be able to recommend to clients. I've used Trendweight in the past with success. How does your site compare?
@tombielecki Hey Tom! Judging by their front page, Trendweight seems a lot like Offlife Diet and they even use the same formulas for calculating Trends (from Also, they have integrations with popular Wi-Fi scales, which is something that Offlife Diet still does not have (but I'm looking into it). I'd love it if you could recommend it to your clients, though - I take feedback seriously and have plans to make it even better! Also, check out the roadmap( to see what's coming next! Cheers.