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#1 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2014
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I only launched this website a month ago, and so I'm keen on hearing some feedback. Any extra features you guys want to see added to OF? or any improvements?
@chrissteggles really like this and think it is a great resource to the community beyond the standard profiles that are not as curated. Not to mention job seekers...
@chrissteggles Would love a full content RSS feed. Can't seem to locate any RSS atm, unless I'm mistaken.
Great site, well designed. What was your motivation for creating the site? Just a catalog of startup spaces? Avenue for startups to advertise job openings? Also, where does the data/photos come from?
@taykcrane I've always been a big fan of seeing where and how startups work. I love watching Tech Cribs and scrolling through Instagram profiles to get a glimpse into office life. From this Officefetish was born. The current idea is grow the site as much as possible, increasing the number of offices. Lots of cool features could be added into the site, such as job openings, however what I am keen on doing is something similar to Tech Cribs, producing video tours of start-ups. I love watching those videos, but I feel they could be done better. All photos are sourced from the start-ups themselves. Currently we reach out to startups we like, to see if we can feature them on OF.
Great site @chrissteggles! I'd love to see the cities where the offices are located listed more prominently. I feel like location is the most important aspect of visual hierarchy after the company's name.
@Chikodi I really like that idea. I'm going to add this.
Good job guys, I really like the design of the website and the way you think about it: good looking office = great hiring tool for startups and companies. Btw besides TC Cribs and, was your inspiration as well? :)
@michalptacekcz Nice plug Michael. When I launched OF, I did notice Officesnapshots and Officelovin, however I felt the concept could be done better than what both websites currently offer. I’m not interested in showing offices like Facebook or Twitter, for me its much more interesting getting an inside glimpse of up and coming start-ups who may only have a few employees. More people can relate to it and take inspiration when setting up their own office.
Very cool, Chris! One of my favorite hunts in a long while, very impressed by the quality of your work in just one month, and just as much so by the beautiful offices featured. Thanks for putting this together. Edit: @rrhoover, why not feature your PH office here?
@iorahul Indeed! Would love to see the PH office! :)