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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2018
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OFFEO is an online video maker to create beautiful social videos in minutes

  • Jeslyn Yeo
    Jeslyn YeoF&b Entrepreneur

    Highly customisable


    Requires internet connection

    OFFEO solves a very real problem that business owners face - Creating ads/promos that are unique to us.

    I have used multiple video creating platforms and they do present a viable solution with a step-by-step creation process. The biggest problem with that is that my video looks identical to my competitors.

    OFFEO allows users to upload their own content, logos and fonts. Their elements are moveable and the colours can change to suit my branding.

    Verdict: 8/10 - Would buy and use on a regular basis.

    Jeslyn Yeo has used this product for one month.
  • Sara Andrew
    Sara AndrewDigital Marketing Specialist

    Newbie friendly and very affordable


    Requires internet

    Just signed up for the promotion, but will downgrade to the basic 8$/mo once it's over. Used this for all my events and the engagements were significantly better than my static graphics. It's like Canva but for videos.

    Sara Andrew has used this product for one month.
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Greg Stone
Greg Stone@gregstone14 · Owner & Designer at ChampKid Design
Looks promising. A free trial, free demo or even money back guarantee would be nice. Even with the discount, it's an expensive gamble if it doesn't deliver as expected. Any plans for this?
David Lee
David LeeMaker@davidoffeo · Co-Founder of OFFEO
@gregstone14 We ran our beta for 3 months where everyone had used for free, I wished you were here! When OFFEO launches on the 1st of October, you are able to use for free with most of the awesome functions, though it will be watermarked. We are offering 14 days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose =D
Paulo Queiroz
Paulo Queiroz@paulo_queiroz · Distance Learning Professional
Excellent online platform. Easy, fast and very affordable.
David Lee
David LeeMaker@davidoffeo · Co-Founder of OFFEO
@paulo_queiroz Thank you Paulo!
Roman Arellano
Roman Arellano@romanarellano · Founder of Accounting Hunt
Nice! How long do the animations last?
David Lee
David LeeMaker@davidoffeo · Co-Founder of OFFEO
@romanarellano The platform currently support up to 20s short videos. We are adding multiple scene function in the near future and you can creating videos of longer duration
Ram Rayavarapu
Ram Rayavarapu@ram_rayavarapu · CEO
A free month plan to try would be helpful for users to make a purchase decision.
David Lee
David LeeMaker@davidoffeo · Co-Founder of OFFEO
@ram_rayavarapu OFFEO will be free to use when we launch on the 1st of Oct. It will be watermarked but you can try the full functions before deciding if OFFEO is suitable for you.
Mustafa Cengiz
Mustafa Cengiz@mustafa_cengiz · Digital Marketer | E-Commerce
Excellent product and very efficient for creative social media campaigns !