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Odoo is a fully integrated and customizable open-source suite of business applications including sales, CRM, project management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting and other business needs in one software solution.
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Seeing as there are so many alternatives out there... I wonder what sets this apart from the others?
@bentossell There is nothing like Odoo on the market. You have two types of enterprise software: 1/ ERP that are very powerful, they integrate all your business needs but also very complex and expensive (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite). 2/ Single apps that are modern, user friendly but they just cover one need (trello, slack, basecamp, salesforce, ...) Odoo is the only solution on the market that provides the advantages of both. Odoo has applications for all business needs: CRM, Point of Sale, Accounting, Website Builder, eCommerce, Full Stack Marketing, project management, social network, ... But it also come with the usability of modern software like slack, trello, ... Odoo apps are simple and standalone. You can start with only one app for one need, very easily. But the more you activate apps, the more they fully integrate to each others. This page show examples of applications you can replace with Odoo and 1-click demo links: https://www.odoo.com/page/open-s... And this schema show the Odoo positioning: https://twitter.com/fpodoo/statu... By the way, Odoo is also open source, and has a cloud offer.
@bentossell Oh, I just noticed that it was the website builder app that was featured, not Odoo. The app should be renamed to Odoo Website the.
@fpodoo with Odoo offering so many things, how can you ensure that you have high quality across all aspects? Why not focus on one thing and do that exceptionally well? Companies that try and encapsulate all the extras tend to take their eye off the main goal. How do you aim to combat this?
If a company need only one app, Odoo is good, but probably not the best. (we are very often in the top 5 for every business app) But as soon as a company need 2 or more apps, Odoo outperforms other solutions because the cost and complexity of integration is huge. A lot of companies need integration: companies need to have their eCommerce integrated with inventory and accounting, point of sale too, Purchase integrated with inventory, marketing tools integrated with their website, ... How do we do to be in the best apps, while being generic? We don't waste time building and improving hundreds of apps. Every time we improve something (whether it's usability improvement or new features), it automatically apply on all apps. All we have to do is to focus on usability to make all apps perfect at once. (a bit like Apple contributed to improve the quality of mobile apps with their hardware, appstore and API) Let's say you want to launch a Recruitment product. A perfect recruitment application should have: - A clean User Interface (desktop, mobile, fast, ...) - Drag & Drop Kanban view for the recruitment process (like in trello) - Efficient communication between different people who interview a candidate (ala slack) - Post job offers online (build clean pages like in weebly) - Reporting engine and dashboard for statistics (like most BI software) - Store resumes and search within attachments (dropbox), - Integrate with twitter and linkedin to promote job offers Since Odoo has an app for all these features, it is just 2 days implement a recruitment app with Odoo. And other recruitment software will probably never reach that level of quality because they can't develop all these features. Of course, it works because we are open source, have 5000 full time developers (mostly from implementation services company dedicated to Odoo) and it took years to crack this challenge (growing the scope without growing the complexity)