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World's first open source OTT platform (Netflix in a box)

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Hey! Seth here - Product Designer/Creative Director @ Odd. We are really excited to share what we've been working on for the past year. We came up with the idea of Odd Networks (ON) from the constant frustration of seeing video content brands struggle with creating their own ecosystem on so many devices and also going up against media giants. With the belief of creating your own destiny, we built a FREE solution to get your video libraries and live stream distributed to many over-the-top devices that include Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS Mobile/Tablet, Android Mobile/Tablet, Android TV, XBOX One, and Samsung Smart TVs. So, go check out the open source repos or sign up to our OTT newsletter or sign up for our slack community. Whichever you prefer, we are here to help change the media industry!
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@sethlouey sounds neat. Seems like a must-exist product.
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@sethlouey my man! Happy to see you guys here.
@sethlouey love the idea and added to my 'eTV' tracker! would love to get your thoughts on a post i wrote about the 'future of TV' http://bit.ly/1M9wltY
@danielxli great post!
Um, hi, long time listener and first time caller :) I just wanted to jump in and say "thank you" to anyone who showed interest in @oddnetworks. Imagine a world where there was no open source blog software. That's the world of TV right now. Content creators have no open source options, and thus can only afford to compete with the big guys if they have oodles and mountains of cash. Not cool. Building a company on open-source software is hard, but after almost a year of discussion we decided that growing our community and helping every content creator own their own destiny was was the right thing for our team and our company. It's what we're passionate about. Anyways, if you dig the product, we'd love a few stars on Github. Join our Slack, and hang out. Chat us up on Twitter. Let's make TV better :)
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Odd Networks is an open source platform designed to give you access to a powerful set of tools that enables you to launch your own content streaming service across an array of mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices.
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@erictwillis Thanks for hunting us Eric!
Seems like the perfect time for this. Every content creator and their mother is building out an app. I strongly believe "TV" of the future is simply a bunch of apps and lives through Ethernet cables, not coaxial.
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@mrmikesmith future? I'm already there. Nvidia shield running Android TV with Netflix and Kodi running IPTV
@mrmikesmith agreed! although wireless would be ideal ;)
@rossdcurrie @mrmikesmith That sounds awesome! Totally agree, the future is here now :-)
@mrmikesmith Totally agree! just published a post on Medium today on this topic if you're interested in taking a look http://bit.ly/1M9wltY
Hey everyone! I'm a back-end engineer and android developer at Odd. Completely stoked to be able to let other people take advantage of what we've been working on for most of the past year. I can't wait to hear how Odd Networks can help others get their brand into living rooms and on mobile devices and would love to answer any questions!