Steven Clausnitzer
Steven Clausnitzer reviewedOctoberVisual and pseudonymous social network.

The ability to post content under an Anonomysous handle and have controversial discussions that I may not be apt to have otherwise.


Like any new site there are some bugs here and there but the dev team is quick to respond and remedy.

We are in the midst of some very contentious times, politically and socially. I like that October allows for frank conversations in an anonymous way. I also like that I get tokens, even when I’m posting anonymously. The layout is clean and intuitive. Even though it’s a new site, my posts get interaction from the growing community. I highly recommend.

Steven Clausnitzer has used this product for one month.
Anna Aufill
Anna Aufill@anna_aufill · Co-creator of
True! I like that you can post anonymously! Also the invite button is a good idea! Might borrow that idea for my platform, ElfShare ;) :D