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Visual and pseudonymous social network.


Use this exclusive invite code for Product Hunt users! https://october.app/qr/PHUNT

Hey there Product Hunters!

October is a social network that combines pseudonymous posting with an attention economy based around coins.

Check it out, earn coins, and let us know what you think!

Would you recommend this product?

The meme generator is super fun to play with, but the ability to toggle between named and pseudonymous posting is the real gem. It’ll be really interesting to see how some of the heavier conversations happening across social media play out when users can go named or unnamed at will.

Users seem split on this, but I like the image-heavy focus. The app is super interesting to scroll through with so much visual content.


Super intuitive UI; well-chosen mix of social features (awesome in-app meme generator!); toggling to pseudonymous mode is easy and useful


A little bit buggy, but it hasn’t been hard to find workarounds; the community is currently pretty small


We are in the midst of some very contentious times, politically and socially. I like that October allows for frank conversations in an anonymous way. I also like that I get tokens, even when I’m posting anonymously. The layout is clean and intuitive. Even though it’s a new site, my posts get interaction from the growing community. I highly recommend.


The ability to post content under an Anonomysous handle and have controversial discussions that I may not be apt to have otherwise.


Like any new site there are some bugs here and there but the dev team is quick to respond and remedy.

Co-creator of ElfShare.com
True! I like that you can post anonymously! Also the invite button is a good idea! Might borrow that idea for my platform, ElfShare ;) :D
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October.app is a breath of fresh air. This is where the movers and shakers meet to get things done.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with october.app.


Smart design that should ensure a higher level of quality than other social networks.


What, are you trying to be funny? ;)