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#4 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2016
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Dipankar Sarkar
Dipankar SarkarMaker@dipankar_sarkar
Should have done this earlier! Hi, I am one of the founders of Octo.ai. Will answer all questions here along with @pranavprakash who is our top engineer. A short note on what we are! We are effectively a middleware that allows all web/mobile companies to store all their analytics data and yet continue to operate in there usual way (i.e use Google Analytics, Mix panel, and so on). We initially started wanting to do sophisticated user personalization, somewhere along the line we figured out that the raw data necessary for doing any form of statistical analysis was missing and hence, here we are! The title may look misleading, but we also fulfill the functions of Mixpanel (or GA or other larger marketing automation tools) through out internal tools and dashboards. Effectively, this is a subset feature from our point of view. We are closer to being an open source segment.io, though they are not as popular ;). Please give us more feedback, enable us to understand how to build, market and sell better! Thanks.
Arpit Bansal
Arpit Bansal@arpit_bansal · Product Manager @ Flipkart
Thats some insane amount of Good code !! Thanks guys !!
Dipankar Sarkar
Dipankar SarkarMaker@dipankar_sarkar
@arpit_bansal Welcome!
Adit Gupta
Adit Gupta@aditsgupta · Lead Designer @housing & @getSkim
Good stuff mate!
Dipankar Sarkar
Dipankar SarkarMaker@dipankar_sarkar
@aditsgupta Thanks!
Boris Gefter
Boris Gefter@boris_gefter · Founder of Cogsworth - smart scheduling
So do you guys also offer a hosted solution or just downloadable open source? This is awesome BTW!
Dipankar Sarkar
Dipankar SarkarMaker@dipankar_sarkar
@boris_gefter Thanks for commenting, glad you liked it! We have a hosted solution in the works, many more updates on the way. Do spread the word!
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai@abhishek_rai · Founder, Shack Co.
Can I deploy this for my shopify account as well? Or is it only for big e-commerce players?
Troy SK
Troy SK@troysk
@abhishek_rai You can use it with Shopify. You may use the metafields of product fields to precompute and store the recommendations. Avoid JS based solution for better SEO effects.