Ocean Bottle Alexa Skill

Talk to real people and make friends in the Alexa’s way

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Tao AN
@an_tao · Code for better.
There are many skills on Alexa making conversation between people and devices. They are kind of boring to me. Since Alexa has millions of users, why couldn’t make connections among them? There are social websites come to Alexa, like Twitter. Why Alexa can’t have its own way to social? That’s how the idea of “Ocean Bottle” came out to me. In the skill, you c… See more
Brian Roach
@anodigital · DJ / Producer @ANODIGITAL
Sounds really interesting. Can the same person elect to pick up your bottle a second time to keep the conversation going or is it totally random?
Jim Zhou
@jim_zhou · keeping it together
I've ran this and one thing I've noticed, probably inadvertantly, is that Alexa seems to be fairly bad at picking up the exact wording of anything I'm saying, even though in other apps/Alexa skills it doesn't seem to have any issues from understanding what I'm saying.