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Predictions and Analytics powered by Natural Language

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2020
Obviously AI started on the belief that business users should get insights from their data without waiting on engineers. Our mission is to make data science effortless by enabling anyone to run complex predictions and analytics, simply by asking questions.
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Thanks, @kevin, Hello PH community! 👋 We started building Obviously AI because we learnt that today's business users needed data more than anyone else, yet all the tools to answer their questions were made for technical engineers. From finding info in a haystack of databases to building ML predictions, they had to wait for weeks to get a single question answered. This became the seed for Obviously AI. We quickly learnt that to truly have data transform decision making, we have to make data science effortless for everyone. And that, is exactly what we have done today. Obviously AI enables you to run complex Predictions and Analytics on your data, simply by asking questions in natural language. No code. No hassle. No waiting. 🔮 How it works (Predictions): ------------------------------------------------- - Upload your historical dataset from CSV Files, Databases or CRM (e.g. Salesforce). - Ask a prediction question -- "Which users are likely to buy again next month?" OR simply select the column you want to predict from a dropdown. - Obviously AI will automatically understand your question, find the right data, clean it and build a number of tailored ML algorithms. - The best algorithm is picked and prediction output is shown to you in a report. - You can start making predictions right away, either through the online platform or our REST API. - You can also build personas and simulations to predict an outcome for a hypothetical situation. - Demo Video: http://obv.ai/predictions-demo 💬 How it works (Analytics): ------------------------------------------------- - Upload your historical dataset from CSV Files, Databases or CRM (e.g. Salesforce). - Ask a question in natural language -- "What's the avg. income from cities in California?" - Obviously AI will automatically understand your question, find the right data and visualize it in a beautiful graph. - You can export this output directly into your office presentation or interact with it to deep dive. - Demo Video: http://obv.ai/analytics-demo We would love for you to sign up for a free trial, and give us feedback. If you have questions, please reach out! - Nirman (Co-Founder)
@kevin @nirman_dave Congrats on the launch! Had a look at your product last week and it looks and feels great. I love what you’ve done with the NL queries - surely lowers the frictions for people not experienced with ML. I’m just curious about the selection criterion for the “best” algorithm. As a user I might have my own heuristic for evaluating the fit of the algorithm. Do you only look at precision when ranking the algorithms? With that said, great work guys!
@kevin @patrickstolc Thanks for checking us out, thrilled to hear that you had a delightful experience :) As for your question, Obviously AI auto-selects the ML algorithm using various properties of the data (e.g. Sparseness, Data Types, Size, etc.) You can then identify the fit of the algorithm using Accuracy, Recall, RMSE and a few other parameters found under Tech Specs tab of your Report page.
@kevin @nirman_dave Congrats on the launch -- and thanks for integrating with HubSpot. We have some new APIs coming out that might make Obviously.ai even more useful for HubSpot customers. Stay tuned.
@kevin @dharmesh Thanks for checking us out Dharmesh. We love Hubspot and can't wait for more updates :)
Congratulations @nirman_dave for the launch. Really cool and productive platform, I must say. Obviously AI will be the next big thing for data science in #NoCode revolution. All the best, team!
@daxeelsoni Thank you Daxeel!
A useful tool in every business. Congratulations
@leowemort Thank you Leo!
Seems to be a great! On one hand super easy to use, on the other hand very complex. I'm going to test it soon, congrats @nirman_dave ! :)
@norbertjurga Very true Norbert, the behind the scenes is very complex while we strive to make the User Experience incredibly simple!
Hey @nirman_dave, this is really cool. It's surely going to be very helpful to many businesses.
@rebecca_ferrao Thank you Rebecca, take it for a spin http://obv.ai/signup-free!