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We’re excited to announce NYT Now 2.0. The app is now completely free – no subscription required -- and has a number of new features that we believe will delight users. The app combines New York Times stories and links to outside sources in a single stream. All the stories are displayed on cards that can be easily shared. NYT Now 2.0 is personalized – we’ve developed an innovative updating logic to show users what stories are new since they last checked in. And the popular Morning Briefing now comes with an alert feature. We’ve taken to referring to NYT Now 2.0 as “Your Guide to the News.” Editors, product managers, designers, software engineers and others at The New York Times spent months trying to answer an overarching question: what’s the best way to get readers up to speed on the news on the phone? How did we do? Please take a look and let us know what you like, what we should change, and what features we should add. Thanks!
@cliffordlevy This update made the app terrible. What a shame, it used to be my favorite app! The tab bar was removed, making it impossible to choose and differentiate between "Top News" and "Our Picks." The old design was much better and so much more intuitive. Please bring it back!
@nspehler Thanks for the feedback. We believe that readers will be able to readily discern between NYT and outside sources in the single feed. The problem with two feeds is that users generally don't go to the second. That's one reason Twitter got rid of the Discover tab -- and replaced it with an in-case-you-missed-it feature on the main feed. As you can imagine, it's frustrating to spend a lot of time curating content for a second feed that many users end up ignoring. We're hoping that NYT Now 2.0 addresses this issue with a single feed that allows for easy scanning.
Down vote. A terrible update for paid subscribers. No filtered content (NYT vs non-NYT content) + ads. "Free" is not a feature.
Apparently it didn't work out. NYT Now is shutting down.