NYC Subway Stickers

iOS 10 iMessage stickers for the NYC Subway

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2016
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This is a… 1) Really good idea, 2) Totally not something I would pay for, 3) Easily cloned + stolen by anyone who can draw a circle and type a Helvetica letter in it.
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@benguild Lol true. Creating an iMessage sticker extension doesn't even need any coding!
@ajfg_13 if I think a sticker pack an artist created are beautiful and great, even if it doesn't require any coding I would buy it.
is it time for PH to separate stickers into a category? doesn't feel a lot like product, or rather, feels more like single serve web sites last year
@passingnotes give it a few weeks. like chat bots, their frequency will slow down.
completely pointless. gimme automatically updating train times that i can then use as a sticker...then i would pay $.99
Honestly shocked at the responses here. Is $.99 such an affront that you felt the need to post about it? I can promise that each one of you have paid more for less/worse. This is a good idea and if it is something you would use then $.99 is a fine price point.
I wonder what will eventually separate sticker packs. For this one you might have to do all subways in all major cities around the world to justify the price point