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Nural is a new platform designed for teams who lack experience using project management tools. Activating an actionable task might be tricky! Nural allows you to tackle your tasks quickly. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so take it with you everywhere.
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Nural is the best project management/ team management tool that my team has used to this point. It's cool, intuitive, and makes my team want to check off tasks and objectives as we chase down our biggest goals. We can't wait to try the newest version built just for Mac OS πŸ™Œ
@jonathanb thank you for your review note, we really appreciate it ⭐️
Hello Hunters! This is Hamad the CEO and founder of Nural. I've made it my personal mission to help every team become less distracted, communicate more efficiently, and remain more organized each day. What is Nural? Nural is a new team management platform designed for teams who lack experience using traditional project management tools. But why use Nural? It's been proven that non-technical teams who are asked to use complicated project management tools often become more distracted, overwhelmed, and less responsive when communicating and collaborating with team members. Nural prioritizes your team's daily - weekly - longterm tasks and projects to allow team members to stay focused on what needs to be accomplished. Check out for any questions you may have and download Nural for iOS and Mac OS today!