Nuo Lend

Lend and borrow crypto currencies transparently

"This dapp is live on Ethereum Mainnet" - Try it out now.

Nuo Lend enables users to lend and borrow crypto currencies in a decentralised way using smart contracts. Users can borrow ETH against 1.5x the ERC-20 tokens as collateral.

Lenders can earn interest by funding these loans and grow their crypto-currencies in a secure and transparent way.

Aniket Shinde
Tom Stankewicz
  • Tom Stankewicz
    Tom StankewiczAltDex co-founder, SludgeFeed editor

    Simple and straightforward. Smooth UI. Everything I tried worked quickly. Tooltips were helpful.


    Ugh Metamask

    Token Swap functionality might be useful. Past interest rate data/charts?

    Tom Stankewicz has used this product for one week.
Thanks for hunting @sidsverma @amitavk @varund14 who is your target market for this?
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@sidsverma @amitavk @abadesi Our target market is crypto users who want to hodl their tokens while still getting liquidity. Our current set of users are mainly from emerging markets.
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@amitavk @abadesi @varund14 Especially people who have invested in ICOs and want to retain those tokens for their potential upside but still want liquidity in Ether to invest in more ICOs. Do give it a try!
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Good work team Nuo. Edit: Neo
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@varund14 Thanks god it isn't twitter. :-)
Great user interface. Everything worked as expected... but faster.