Nujible: Get Focused Now!

Use your Apple Watch as a tool to tame your scatterbrain.

Get a subtle, periodic πŸ“³ nudge on your Apple Watch or iPhone to remind you to stay focused! Nujible is ideal for students who have trouble concentrating, staying alert, or have ADD/ADHD issues. It can also be used by anyone who finds that they need a tool to periodically redirect their overactive mind from persistent distraction.

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Hello Product Hunt! I am a non techie who started dabbling in the world of tech when I realized that one of my lifelong struggles could potentially be solved with a simple Apple Watch app, but it didn't exist... yet! We live in a world full of distractions. If you are like me, you suffer from a scatterbrain that is constantly active and prone to wander. This was a huge issue for me during lectures. No matter how hard I tried to focus, I soon became distracted again and risked missing something important. One day (as my mind wandered during a lecture) I wished I could hire someone to sit next to me and nudge me every so often to remind me to pay attention. I realized that my Apple Watch was much better suited for the job, but there was no such app to be found. So I came up with Nujible, a tool to defeat distractions! Use Nujible to get a subtle, periodic nudge (on your Apple Watch or iPhone) to remind you to be in the moment. Nujible is for those who find that they need a tool to periodically redirect their overactive mind from persistent distraction. It is ideal for people (especially students) who have trouble concentrating or staying alert, are easily distracted, or have ADD/ADHD issues. Use Nujible to help remind you to: -Pay attention in class. -Stay alert during meetings. -Stay focused while reading. -Stay off your phone while working. -Concentrate whenever necessary. From your iPhone or Apple Watch, simply set how often and how long you want to get nudged and go! Nujible works by periodically sending a subtle and silent notification that is designed to be an encouraging reminder to get back on track. In a short time, you will train your brain to treat every buzz as a nudge that reminds you to ignore distractions and get your head in the game! Thanks for reading Product Hunt! (Hopefully people see this since I accidentally posted in the middle of the night 🀞) I would love any feedback or to answer any questions. -Sergio
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