Nudget is the budgeting app for the rest of us, with two key driving principles: speed & simplicity. It makes tracking your expenses effortless with quick entry, and surfaces powerful insights about your spending, putting you in control of your money.
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Hey everyone! Developer of Nudget here. Super excited to share my budgeting app with all of you. Personal finance has always been a passion of mine, but I know that many feel alienated by the complexity of budgeting, tracking, and charts. Nudget is my take at lowering the barrier to entry. Understanding your money shouldn’t require a bunch of spreadsheets. On the technical side: Nudget is developed entirely in SwiftUI and is my first big project I've launched entirely on my own. Happy to answer any questions you may have :)
Congratulations @sawyerblatz on the launch. Apps looks promising and intuitive. Insights and track of recurring expenses are very helpful when you have a fixed monthly payments of your utility bills. Do you have any promo code to share to try it out?
Are you planning on making an Android version of the app? Also, does it have calendar view?
Thanks @sawyerblatz ! Can Nudget be used for cash, not only bank cards?
@mikeyeva Nudget is entirely based on manual entry, so you can enter cash or card expenditures! :)
Hey guys, This looks great. I understand this is fairly new, do you have any kind of bank integration with this?