Simply utility to adjust Sketch nudge settings

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Anthony ColluraficiMaker@checkyourvector · Designer / Maker,
Hopefully this little nugget of an app is so simple there aren't any questions, but if there are let me know.
Cam@camgould · Cam
For some reason I can never get this app to actually do anything. Seems super useful, but doesn't change the Sketch nudge settings at all for me :(
Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · Go ahead, AMA 👉🏻
"In the latest Sketch 3.3 Release they added a new feature to adjust the arrow and shift + arrow nudge increments. But you have to use a command in terminal to change the setting. is a simple app that allows you to quickly edit these settings on the fly."
Thibault Milan@thibaultmilan · Product Designer & UX crafter @ KPMG Lu
Added a cask PR for installing easily this with just a brew cask install nudgit ✌🏼