Flexible platform for team knowledge bases

ntile is a flexible knowledgebase platform for startups, small and medium business. Create with no limits, dominate over digital chaos with adaptive structures, powerful filters either simple or giantic. Build tables and links between them as usual database.
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Hello fellow Makers and Hunters! I'm so excited to share my project with you, folks. Just a few words about how it started and the most important: why. When I became a CEO in a growing company, I faced some pain. The more info I was receiving, the more scattered it was getting. Reports in different services, MS Office tools, planning in messengers and other things that you can experience when controlling several projects. Even when I knew where to read something, it was a real challenge to analyze everything due to various styles of managing. Also I've been a client. Choosing a product to buy is also a hard job sometimes. Too many variables and too many services with assessments. So, to sum up my experience, I can claim that the most important thing about data consumption is its integrity and accuracy. Information that you are using should not be blurry and human-factor-based. It was a start of a new information era for me. ntile.wiki helps to get rid of vague data masses by using templates and structuring. It clarifies business communication and builds an effective team collaboration. The great benefits of our system are filters and ability to group information by values. Eventually, you can focus on the point, not on the cover or shell, and consume and share information faster and more effective. The main point I am keen to share with you is: The world is a bright place to live in. We have so many cool things to do. Even our business can be exciting. But it's our responsibility to prioritize the most important things. So let's escape from boring and meaningless information by structuring it and consuming with pleasure.
I think it's time for me to migrate from old mediawiki-based web-site. :)
@liker I think you made the right decision :)
@markobabych Did you think about providing some tool for easily migrate from wiki-based engines to your service?
@liker we have API which could help with it
I was searching through www to find some alternative for Google docs, but with much more rich abilities for data integrity. I would completely recommend this software at least to try. Really like it.
@ihor_levchenko thank you for your feedback. We'll be happy to meet your data needs :) If you have any questions, our managers are ready to give a presentation. Just keep in touch!
It looks interesting. Maybe my inner perfectionist will manage to keep calm in a huge mass of all the data by using this service. Good luck, guys! Can I use your product not just for team but like a personal data base ?
@aleksandra_yakuba hey, please, come in and settle down. Sure you can use ntile for personal data base and even use built-in Template Store to find inspiration and create structures for your life.
@markobabych Thanks a lot! Gone to get inspired ;)
Side-by-side linked tables and forms looks promising. Google Sheets lacks such flexibility. Will try it out!
@roman_novodovrskiy Glad to hear. We are continuously improving our service. Could you send a message after some time of using ntile