The future of online dating, Now.

Now is a location-based social and dating mobile app that makes it easier than ever before for people to meet and enjoy real offline experiences at millions of public venues worldwide. No more endless chatting, fake profiles and time-wasting. We aim to help people connect in the now, where experiences are better shared.

  • Basia Dzosik
    Basia DzosikFreelance sales

    User friendly, innovative and love the design!



    Great app and alternative to tinder or bumble to stop time wasting. I have already recommended to some single friends.

    Basia Dzosik has used this product for one week.
  • Math
    MathI will change social relationships



    impression that it is way too mechanic, not fun

    might be creepy if you can track other users

    Math has never used this product.
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Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @
Now is a fun dating app. I feel like many of those kind of app tried to incorporate the geolocation but Now is different since it focuses on this feature. It's awesome if you're in a public venue and want to meet someone fast. I also like the UX and the design of the app is beautiful. Now is definitely an easy and fun app to meet new people.
Cameron Woodford
Cameron WoodfordMaker@woodfordcam · Founder & CEO @ Now
@cassandra_beaulieu Thank you kindly for your review!
Veronica Belmont
Veronica Belmont@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Disco)
Curious if you have any women on your team, and what kind of user testing you've done around the app pre-launch. My initial reactions range from "concern" to "creeped out."
Cameron Woodford
Cameron WoodfordMaker@woodfordcam · Founder & CEO @ Now
@veronica We do, and yes their are many safety protocols designed into the product under the surface.
Daeshawn Ballard
Daeshawn Ballard@imdaeshawn · Avid learner
I like how this focuses on making plans as well and not just chatting. Great UI.
Cameron Woodford
Cameron WoodfordMaker@woodfordcam · Founder & CEO @ Now
@imdaeshawn Thank you!
Kunle Adetayo
Kunle Adetayo@teamfc · Software Engineer
Awesome! Definitely going to give it a shot! How did you get techradar and those other media outlets to write about your product?
Cameron Woodford
Cameron WoodfordMaker@woodfordcam · Founder & CEO @ Now
@teamfc Hey Kunle, I began by reaching out to editors via Twitter, after a while when our name was out there, these write-ups came out without anything push. I do believe some startups pay agencies to get them exposure, but I wouldn't recommend it. Being organic and being framed next to key brands gives us better quality users. Find the right people and create good connections with them.
Adekunle Adetayo
Adekunle Adetayo@ifemiadetayo · Software Engineer
@woodfordcam Awesome, thanks!
Jared Krause
Jared Krause@thejfkshow · Director of Product @ Homebase
"Dating done differently".. Doesn't explain how it's different on the landing page.