Novocall TimeSync

Scheduling app with pre-qualification and call automation

#3 Product of the DayMay 07, 2020
TimeSync is a smart scheduler purpose-built for remote meetings. For everyone, adjusting to the #newnormal.
✔️ Native scheduled call automation
✔️ Qualify appointments
✔️ Integrations to Zoom, Hangouts
✔️ Much more!
Goodbye time sinks, hello TimeSync.
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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I'm JJ, cofounder of Novocall. We're glad to be back here on Product Hunt, since we launched Novocall a year ago. This time, we proudly present TimeSync, a smart meeting scheduler, purpose-built for individuals and teams adjusting to remote work. Leveraging off our core technology of call-back automation, this is the first truly automated scheduling software where you set it, then forget it. Here's how TimeSync can help you with meetings: ✔️ Exclusive: Native scheduled phone call-back automation ✔️ Qualify appointment requests in real-time ✔️ Free integrations with teleconferencing apps (Zoom, Hangouts) ✔️ Deep integrations to CRMs and Ad Platforms ✔️ Embed to website, customize, and much more! Some cool features we plan to push soon: 🎯 Private password-protected booking pages 🎯 Gmail integration 🎯 Facebook & Instagram Business integration Novocall is free to use, and it includes core teleconferencing integrations you need without paying a premium fee from alternative software. We do have a premium plan starting from $4/mo, which you can also try for free for 14 days! 😎 We'd love to get any feedback regarding TimeSync, feel free to ask or suggest anything!
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Already putting it to good use! Each of our diabetes health educators have an area of expertise and this lets them block out parts of their outlook calendar just for calls. Big time saver!!! Amazing work guys! One small suggestion - can we select a default country on the phone number field?
@roffman Thanks for the kind words Daniel
@roffman Oh yes, great idea on setting default country for the phone number. make a lot of sense for international companies
Good stuff JJ! Feature list looks awesome! I’ve used almost every meeting scheduler out there for hubspot to meetingbird to calendly... this sounds so good! Will test it out and publish a review soon!
@jasonkeyz Awesome! Greatly appreciated Jason. We're differentiating with call automation and qualification, to help more remote busineses
Cool stuff good work novocall team!
Great job, dude! Loving how it looks embedded beneath my hero metrics section on my site! Check it:
@seymourgroup Hey Graham, Thanks! That looks really slick on your site. Would you be ok with us including your calendar in an upcoming user gallery (with a backlink!) to show various implementations of TimeSync! It would definitely be a privilege for us to be able to showcase this