Off-camera Bluetooth flash for iPhone

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Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
Yo. Creator of Nova here. Can I get a green tick thingy? Happy to answer any questions about Nova. I created Nova last year because I wasn't happy with how the flash worked on camera phones. Ran a Kickstarter, got manufacturing setup, and now it's ready for everyone to buy. It's my first hardware product and I'd love feedback from the PH community.
Adam Sigel@adamsigel · Product @Hometap_, Founder @bosproduct
Love this! Ever since I sold my DSLR and went all-iPhone for camera usage, I've been looking for a good indirect light solution. A couple questions: 1) Assuming this only works with the Nova app, and no other camera apps? 2) Battery life? 3) Any pro-tips for one-handed use?
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
Mine arrived earlier this week - so cool. Do you reckon you can use the new camera APIs in iOS8 to use the flash in other apps?
Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
@adamsigel 1. At the moment it only works with the Nova Camera app (Free in App Store: However we have an open source SDK and we're keen to work with camera developers to integrate. 2. Battery life: 2 weeks on standby between charges. You can get about 500-1000 flashes out of it. Of course this totally varies by how much you use it, flash brightness, etc, but it should give you a rough idea. In practice I charge mine about once per week and it's always ready when you need it. 3. Some pro tips... 3a. For one handed use get yourself some of this micro-suction-cup-tape: You can stick your Nova to the back of your iPhone and easily remove it when you need to without leaving any stick marks. I only discovered it last week and it's really handy! 3b. Use the hard volume buttons instead of touching the screen to take the photo. It's much more ergonomic.
Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
@jongold I've looked into the new iOS8 extensions APIs and unfortunately there's no hooks that can be triggered while taking a photo (it's only post-processing stuff). Still, it's a great start and I hope Apple will expand this in iOS9.