Off-camera Bluetooth flash for iPhone

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Joe Walnes
Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
Yo. Creator of Nova here. Can I get a green tick thingy? Happy to answer any questions about Nova. I created Nova last year because I wasn't happy with how the flash worked on camera phones. Ran a Kickstarter, got manufacturing setup, and now it's ready for everyone to buy. It's my first hardware product and I'd love feedback from the PH community.
Adam Sigel
Adam Sigel@adamsigel · Product @Hometap_, Founder @bosproduct
Love this! Ever since I sold my DSLR and went all-iPhone for camera usage, I've been looking for a good indirect light solution. A couple questions: 1) Assuming this only works with the Nova app, and no other camera apps? 2) Battery life? 3) Any pro-tips for one-handed use?
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
Mine arrived earlier this week - so cool. Do you reckon you can use the new camera APIs in iOS8 to use the flash in other apps?
Joe Walnes
Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
@adamsigel 1. At the moment it only works with the Nova Camera app (Free in App Store: However we have an open source SDK and we're keen to work with camera developers to integrate. 2. Battery life: 2 weeks on standby between charges. You can get about 500-1000 flashes out of it. Of course this totally varies by how much you use it, flash brightness, etc, but it should give you a rough idea. In practice I charge mine about once per week and it's always ready when you need it. 3. Some pro tips... 3a. For one handed use get yourself some of this micro-suction-cup-tape: You can stick your Nova to the back of your iPhone and easily remove it when you need to without leaving any stick marks. I only discovered it last week and it's really handy! 3b. Use the hard volume buttons instead of touching the screen to take the photo. It's much more ergonomic.
Joe Walnes
Joe WalnesHunter@joewalnes · Inventor. @joewalnes
@jongold I've looked into the new iOS8 extensions APIs and unfortunately there's no hooks that can be triggered while taking a photo (it's only post-processing stuff). Still, it's a great start and I hope Apple will expand this in iOS9.