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Hello everyone, I’m a student @ USC and Co-founder of NotMe! NotMe! is a fun way to share live video anonymously with anyone within a 10 mile radius around you. Broadcast what you are seeing for up to 5 mins, and after that interact with people who are watching your broadcast. The first user who taps on Share live video button gets to stream their own video for 30 seconds. We made video sharing into a fun game so that everyone in a discussion thread can show what they are seeing. Looking forward to hearing feedback from PH community. Thanks, Sarina
@sarinavij Hyper local is of course next big thing. It is important how you are going to solve the chicken and egg problem here.
@misbahspeaks I agree. Hyperlocal + Anonymity + Live video is a lot of fun if there are enough people using the product.
Smart idea but I think it could be easier ways to navigate through the app and get the user to understand how to use it. And doesn't seem like anyone near me (Stockholm, Sweden) is using the app, so it's kinda hard to try it out. But as mentioned above, it's a smart idea. Hope you'll make it grow big. More users -> better experience! :)
@mkaroumi Thank you. Can you please outline where you experienced difficulty in app navigation ? We are looking to improve the app experience all the time, and feedback is very helpful.