Notion skill for Amazon Alexa

Artificial intelligence for talking to your Email

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Hello Hunters! Our team has been working hard on this new Notion skill for Alexa. It lets you talk to your email in some cool ways that may surprise you. Watch the video we made up for the best explanation. I’m so excited to share it with you here on Product Hunt first! Here are some quick hands-on reactions to the skill after a recent media event we attended in NYC: (and likely the most unflattering picture of me ever, haha) I’m here on Product Hunt to answer any questions you have about the skill and Notion. Also of note, Notion was nominated for the Golden Kitty Award for 2016 Mobile App of the Year! This is such an honor for our team. Check out all of the nominees here.
wow, this is slick. Can't wait to try.
@fishmanalex Let us know how it goes! 😊
@laurabrowne yep yep. cool video, btw!
Here's the direct link to our YouTube video.
Just installed on Alexa, very impressed so far.
I'm really excited about the Echo as a platform. So much potential. Anything that improves it gets my upvote, although email + Alexa sounds dangerous haha