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Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product is nominated for a Golden Kitty Award in the Mobile App of the Year category. Voting ends Sunday December 18th at 7pm PST, at that time the product with the most upvotes wins. See the original post here:
Guy Suter
@guysuter · Cofounder,
Wow, this is such an honor… Thank you for the Product Hunt 😻 nomination! Our team is on a mission to improve how people communicate. We designed Notion to solve communications overload and help you build stronger relationships using AI. Here’s a little intro to our product perspective… 1. Cleaning up your inbox should be incredibly fast. 2. Focus should come naturally by highlighting and notifying you about key messages. 3. Hide nothing. You should see ALL of your messages and always be in control. 4. AI should encourage you to get answers you need and stay on top of questions. 5. Design is mission critical. Communication apps should look great and be a joy to use. 6. Insights should be baked in, revealing useful details about your communication and relationships. We’re so glad you’re checking us out and hope you enjoy getting to know Notion. I’m here to answer any questions! 💌