A 1-to-many notification API that's simple to use

Notifuse is the first multi-channel notification API (email, SMS, push, Slack...) that helps developers integrate smart notifications in a minute and centralize all messages sent across your channels.

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Hello Hunters, founder of Notifuse here! We planned a better PH launch, but it's too late now, someone already posted it :) Notifuse has been built to help developers integrating any kind of notifications (email, SMS, mobile push, Slack...) with just a line of code. All the channels settings & templates design are made through the UI, it means you won't have to update your app if you wanna fix a typo. The other great thing is you can segment & send campaigns to your contacts, from the UI, at the cost of your channels; you won't need an expensive Mailchimp anymore! Notifuse saves a lot of time to everyone, and brings flexibilty in your apps. Feel free to contact us if you have some questions, we are here to help!
I stumbled upon Notifuse when they were giving away free stickers to devs ( - a great, but costly marketing idea ๐Ÿ™Š They're making notification sending and management easy for developers by making a magical service that enables you to send and manage them via API or in a nice interface. Seems really cool, hope founders join to tell us more!