Create passive income on the stock market

With NOTIFINIO we aim to make investing on Stocks Market easy and profitable for non professional investors.

Initially our product was just a set of algorithms that we(co-founders) used for ourselves. While those algorithms were attesting positive results we started thinking of sharing them with others. That is how NOTIFINIO tool appeared.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Cons are mostly related to that it is necessary to do some additional actions to start investing, BUT in overall that is not a problem - we always need some registration like for example in bank or any other institution. After the setup with which NOTIFINIO team helps for 100% for FREE!!! you can start investing right away... and again - the team is always there to help and advise.

Good knowledge base and proven records of tool's usage lead to easy decision of 'HAVE TO TRY this tool' .

Recommend, especially for those who is new one in investing.

AND another plus is that they have covered not only one market.


Free or low subscribing cost


Need short introduction with support if did not have experience in investing

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Congrats on launching! Do you plan to create more content like the Medium post to help educate customers about investing? How do you cater for people with different risk profiles? @mike_gritsay
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@abadesi hi there, We definitely will keep producing content for mediun and our blog. We aim to keep it regulary. Regarding the risk profiles, we do it based on short quiz about people expectation from the investment. In particular, we look at investment lenght, expected return in percenrage terms and drawdown that person may accept. This is not ideal approach, as it is very hard to define exactly the investment profile for individual as time passes our perception of risk changes.
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Nice product. Love this design. Very intuitive navigation. One of cons - lack of educational content. Hope guys will deal with it :)
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@mozgoshop thank you for the feedback. We'll add some education videos and FAQ on how to start with the Notifinio platform. Stay tuned.
I’m not getting the invite email.
@rmagrino please check your email, now you should have it.