Decentralized note keeping app

An easy to use note keeping app available on all platforms with data stored on your own storage! Fully decentralized based on Blockstack platform. Also, fully open source!
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This is a complete copy of NoteRiot , with updated branding. NoteRiot is open source, so copy away, but @akshatmittal we can build something better together, rather than separately.
@dantrevino Hi! That's actually right. I picked up NoteRiot and removed certain features and I'm currently working on adding sharing and collaborative editing for notes and wanted to use this as base. I've already mentioned the same in the GitHub repo in the credit references.
@dantrevino Thanks for getting in touch, nice talking to you. Let's work on something great together!
@akshatmittal Absolutely, it was great talking to you. Looking forward to it!
@dantrevino @akshatmittal Where is the github repo address
@akshatmittal @tao_tao1 Its not clear if you're asking for one or both, so here is both: NoteKeeper:, NoteRiot:
this Ui is so clean, good job