The notepad that is always just one keystroke away 📝


Your mind is for having ideas – not holding them. Get your ideas, to-dos and thoughts quickly down using Notation. The notepad editor that is always just one keystore away.

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Sam Yamashita
Elvis Cai
Rob Hardy
  • Rob Hardy
    Rob HardyWriter, Filmmaker, Company of One

    Super simple, super fast. Helps get ideas out of my head the moment I have them.


    Can't set custom storage folder, so syncing notes through Dropbox won't work.

    I've been looking for a nicer looking alternative to nvalt for a long time. Just something simple and beautiful for capturing notes quickly. But I need to be able to sync those notes through either Dropbox or iCloud, so hopefully that functionality is on the roadmap.

    Rob Hardy has used this product for one day.
  • Sam Yamashita
    Sam YamashitaSoftware Engineer



    Cannot integrate with cloud app. Built-in is better than.

    If you want a simple clean note app, just use built-in

    Sam Yamashita has used this product for one day.