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NoSeen is a FREE Facebook Messenger Privacy Tool where you can conveniently read Facebook Chat messages without getting seen. Whether you're a business owner or a regular person who wants more control over your privacy, NoSeen is the perfect app for you.



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NemOry Oliver Martinez@nemory_oliver_martinez · Mobile App Developer
Hello Product Hunt! I built NoSeen because I know a lot of people want more control over their privacy. We always don't want to read our inbox and have to reply right away so they don't get mad. Some of us are forced to reply which we don't actually want. This is a common issue for business owners. They sometimes want to read customer's inquiry late at night but only want to respond in the morning. When the customer sees they've only seen their message without a reply, customers will get really mad. So now with NoSeen, we have more control, we can now avoid this by conveniently reading messages without getting seen, no more worries having to reply right away. NoSeen is FREE: App Store Link: Thank you very much everyone! I am really thankful for all the support!
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@nemoryoliver this is awesome, do you have any plans to develop a similar solution for desktop e.g. a browser extension? Thanks
NemOry Oliver Martinez@nemory_oliver_martinez · Mobile App Developer
@nemoryoliver @abadesi Hi Abadesi, Yes I absolutely do have plans to make this App available to most platforms especially on Android and the Web. Hopefully NoSeen will be available on Android this February/March and Web version in the mid of this year. Thank you very much! :)
Hari Mahesh@harimahesh · Building Fashion Experiences
This is brilliant, we just need the Mac version and this will make it a perfect tool for Facebook Messenger.
NemOry Oliver Martinez@nemory_oliver_martinez · Mobile App Developer
@harimahesh MacOS Version will come soon too.. hopefully after the Android Version 😄 thank you
Uday Ogra@udayogra · computer scientist, adobe
This app asks for Facebook username and password. I am not sure who in this world would share his/her FB credentials. I was expecting 'Login with Facebook'. Dint FB guys approve permission for 'read_inbox' scope which could have helped you in fetching the whole inbox without asking for FB credentials on your website
NemOry Oliver Martinez@nemory_oliver_martinez · Mobile App Developer
@udayogra I'm sorry and you're right. I should migrate it to use Facebook's standard authentication. Will check out their API
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! Could you bring this to across all messaging platforms as it is a very big headache to convince people that we haven’t see the message when they get to know when the message is read or opened. 😊
NemOry Oliver Martinez@nemory_oliver_martinez · Mobile App Developer
@ayush_chandra absolutely gonna try to bring this to most platforms... especially, also on Andoid(natively), Mac OS(natively), Windows(web) Thank you very much!