Affordable handmade watches inspired by Copenhagen's Values

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This new watch brand is bringing true Scandinavian design at an affordable price. Through Kickstarter, Nordgreen are offering an early bird discount on their superb looking timepieces. They've really captured that minimalist Scandinavian approach, thanks to their partnership with one of the world's leading Scandinavian designers, Jakob Wagner.

Bogdan Manea
Nico Giammarino
Oliver Theis Berthelsen
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  • Oliver Theis Berthelsen
    Oliver Theis BerthelsenGlobal Venture Developer

    Very nice scandinavian design and high quality leather straps🇮🇹🐄


    They don't have lumen🔅

    My favorite is definitely the Native⌚️

    Oliver Theis Berthelsen has used this product for one week.
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Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
You can certainly see the amount of thought that’s gone into this, and their attention to the quality of true Scandinavian design I’m really looking forward to trying this one on. I understand that they've also partnered with three different NGOs in order to create truly sustainable change. I'd like to hear more about their approach, though...
Nico Giammarino
Nico Giammarino@nico_giammarino · Scandi Design Lover
Wow...I can't believe that the same designer of Bang of Olufsen headphones is behind the Nordgreen looks like an incredible product
Lawrence Lin Murata
Lawrence Lin Murata@lawlm · Founder/CEO of
any info on the movement?
Vasilij Brandt
Vasilij BrandtMaker@vasilijbrandt · Co-Founder @ Nordgreen
Hey @lawlm :-). We are using a quartz Miyota movement. Let me know if you have any further questions. Best, Vas
Vasilij Brandt
Vasilij BrandtMaker@vasilijbrandt · Co-Founder @ Nordgreen
Hi Jack, Thank you for the kind words, and for posting our product here, we’re excited to hear what the Product community has to say about our range! To answer your questions, and to give a bit of an overview on the brand. Firstly, my name is Vasilij, founder of Nordgreen, along with my business partner Pascar Sivam. We are proud and privileged to announce that our project is currently live on Kickstarter, raising $130k in 13 days from 740+ backers, which we are delighted with. As you have mentioned, the brand originated in Copenhagen, inspired by its minimalist and sustainable values. To ensure that we captured this within the watches we partnered with the renowned Jakob Wagner (designer of Bang & Olufsen headphones). In addition to Jakob, we have partnered with 3 NGO’s causes which we empower our customers to donate to through their unique serial number that will appear on the back of every watch, thus creating a unique story for every model bought. More details on this will be available once the web-shop goes live in February. Feel free to ask any more questions. Best, Vas & Pas
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job !! Hoping that you guys ship these to India !! 😊
Vasilij Brandt
Vasilij BrandtMaker@vasilijbrandt · Co-Founder @ Nordgreen
@ayush_chandra - yes, we will be shipping to India. In fact, we will even have a localized webstore for the Indian market from the beginning of February 😊.