Noon Pacific 2.0

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Thanks for posting Francis! Hey All -- I'm the creator of Noon Pacific and am excited to finally let this new version out into the wild. There's also an all-new web app at for you to check out. Let me know if you have any feedback!
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Noon Pacific is the easiest way to discover new music. Every Monday at noon (pacific time) you’ll get 10 new songs hand-curated and presented in a minimalistic app available on the web, iOS, and Android. This new version adds some much needed features such as making the full tracklist visible, unlimited skips, ability to select any song from the mixtape, push notifications, and nicely integrated sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage. Also, links directly to the Soundcloud app so you can save your favorite songs.
@thepollara I would love to try this out but I use iOS 7.1 and right now the app requires 8.2 or later. Any chance you can relax the requirement?
@thepollara @lumilux we're using a lot of Apple's latest API's/technologies which require 8.2 or above. If we see a lot of demand for lowering the requirement we might put some time into making it work with lower versions, but based on iOS adoption rates we'll probably end up sticking with where it's at. P.S. There's some pretty sweet new emojis in 8.3 :)
@thepollara @cdinnison Makes sense! I'm just curious... what's one of the new APIs you're using?
@lumilux Apple Watch notifications is one of them.
@cdinnison I'm DYING for a way to like or save songs. I often listen to NP while I'm working and it's kind of a lot to have to switch back to the tab, look up the song on Soundcloud, and like it there for later. I wish there was an easier way! Huge fan otherwise though, I've discovered so many new favorite songs through you guys.
@mayafish I feel ya! We're working as fast as we can to add that functionality in -- meanwhile it's now a little bit easier to save your favorite songs on Soundcloud (realize that's not ideal), with the direct links to the song source. Thanks for the feedback.
Discovered Noon Pacific last month and am continually impressed with the quality of the mix tapes the team puts out each week. I've turned a whole bunch of my friends onto the iOS apps as it really is the easiest way to look amazing when someone asks you to play DJ at a party. Always look forward to the new playlist every Monday.
@rustydingo Thanks Adrian! It's a lot of fun putting together the mixtapes each week and glad it makes DJ'ing a little easier at parties. Let me know if you have any feedback on the new apps.
@cdinnison might be cool to have a subtle way of knowing which playlists that I've listened to (and how many times maybe?) I want to know I've listened to them all :)
@rustydingo Really dig that idea. Our next step is to add user accounts so people can save/favorite their songs and add some cool things like you mentioned. Great feedback, thanks!
This is awesome, been thinking of a such product but for a narrowed music genre niche, inspiring!
@arturkiulian Cool! Glad it helped inspire you to make something!