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Hello Product Hunters! Noodles Explore is my latest project to help anyone find the best recipes on the web as quickly as possible. Just enter whatever you're looking to cook, and Explore will find some fantastic recipes for you. You can see the recipes right there, and clip them back to your Noodles library in just one click. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
I love this! so clean and easy to browse. Thanks for making the 'what's for dinner' search easier and prettier too ๐Ÿ‘
Clean and beautiful UI. :) Two questions: 1. Are you planning to add more sites? If you do, this could become seriously the best cooking site on the internet. 2. Are you going to add other users' public recipes to the search options? That might add a little more a social factor to the system (or maybe just plain stupid) This is overall really awesome! I'm gonna get some food 'cause the pictures made me really hungry.
@tarans22 Thanks Taran! I am planning on adding another site, but with the launch I just wanted to keep the product simple. NYT, Epicurious, and Allrecipes together have hundreds of thousands of recipes, and I haven't found a real need for more. In regards to shared recipes โ€” I like the idea, and I considered it, but the current sharing system is more aimed at sending recipes to specific people, not publishing them on the web. There may be something coming on that front, though ;)
Have you considered combining all supported sites into one search bar instead of requiring the user to select the site they want to search on?
@theleovogel Hey Leo! I did consider that, but I decided against it for two reasons: first, because it would feel incredibly slow (searching all three sites separately), and second, because I don't feel like it would actually add anything.