A mysterious game of riddles

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Dimitris Chassapakis
Dimitris ChassapakisMaker@vortalifer · Creator of none*
A minimal riddle game with no images, no music, no animation. Just a keyboard and your imagination :) The questions are text only and could be a simple equation, a word association, an opposite word teaser or something else entirely... Thank you.
Fred Rivett
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@vortalifer The way you guys have branded this with the lack of fancy features as a plus is quality. Loving the hyped intro video!
jake duncan ☕️
jake duncan ☕️@jkdncn · two-way dual-language bilingual educator
Stuck on 12! JJK-RINGG‽ Yep, in-app purchase for hints would be nice.
Steven Tweedie
Steven Tweedie@stevetweedie · tech writer, Business Insider
So how far has everyone managed to get? I'm currently working my way through L7.
Kilian Valkhof
Kilian Valkhof@kilianvalkhof · UX Developer
Completely stuck at level 10. You should offer an IAP for hints!
Ed Moyse
Ed Moyse@edmoyse · Founder
Love riddles - seems to start getting good around level 7