ultimate mi-fi for digital nomads

Nommi is world’s first device that is both useful at home and abroad and doesn’t look boring! Our combination of LTE hotspot, virtual sim technology and dual wifi feature allows seamless connectivity experience globally while powerbank and Qi wireless charger make Nommi your best travel buddy and remove “oh, my phone battery is dying”.

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Hi, Product Hunters! Happy to introduce our product for digital nomads - Nommi. Nommi stands for nomadic mifi. It allows seamless and sim-free connection to 4G across countries and also simplifies your wi-fi routine - no more switching between a number of available wi-fi hotspots in a manual regime and no more consumption of 4G data even when wi-fi is available - just because you forgot to turn it on. We're launching Nommi on Indiegogo on December 5th. Would be great to get your feedback and questions!
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I dont have got this devide, but i want this device.




Yes, is the best

Really looking forward to try this product! As a regular traveler I feel a big need of it, which combines both Internet and charging your device, and many other functions.
Thank you @datbayev Great to get your feedback! You can also learn more in our web-site:)

Traffic is cheap


I love to stay connected


dont know yet