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Nomiku 2.0 is essentially a smaller, smarter, cheaper, and overall better version of the original — a product that was already one of the best sous-vide cookers on the market. Hope Lisa Fetterman, CEO @nomiku can jump in and answer some questions.
Woooo! Thank you @roblafave we're making it right here in the Bay Area so you'll definitely get yours sooner than the rest of the country. :-D
The new WiFi-Nomiku will be made in the Bay Area and has open source WiFi capabilities through Spark!
@lisaqfetterman Lisa, ordered one yesterday. It came highly recommended from friends, congrats on the Kickstarter success! I want mine tomorrow please :)
Our Kickstarter smashed it's high 200K goal in less than 12 hours, take a look. http://bit.ly/sous-vide-nomiku
@zackshapiro thank you so much!!! We're so excited to manufacture in America, please spread the word.
@lisaqfetterman I will! What's your ETA on shipping once the Kickstarter closes?